Who We Are

The Foundation for the Children of the Californias is a tri-national collaboration with Canada, the United States, and Mexico, endeavoring to improve the health and nutrition for the children of the mega-region of San Diego and Baja California through the operation of Hospital Infantil de las Californias, a model pediatric specialty medical and education complex, located one half mile into Baja California, Mexico.

Staff, U.S.A.

  • José F. González, CFRE
    José F. González, CFRE Executive Director
  • Amanda Jimenez
    Amanda Jimenez Office and Outreach Coordinator

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Board of Directors, U.S.A.

Advisory Board, U.S.A.

  • Victor Cruz
    Victor Cruz Emeritus
  • Bertha Ilko
    Bertha Ilko Emeritus
  • Gabriel Chong Curiel
    Gabriel Chong Curiel
  • Victor Diaz, CPA
    Victor Diaz, CPA
  • Jay Levitt
    Jay Levitt
  • Margret Merlock, RN
    Margret Merlock, RN
  • C.P. Mauricio Monroy
    C.P. Mauricio Monroy
  • Gloria Osio
    Gloria Osio
  • Steven M. Ramirez
    Steven M. Ramirez
  • Cheryl Rogers, Ph.D.
    Cheryl Rogers, Ph.D.
  • David Smart
    David Smart
  • Stephen Waterman, M.D.
    Stephen Waterman, M.D.