Until 1994, Baja California was the only Mexican State bordering the U.S. without a medical specialty care center for children. A group of concerned pediatric professionals along with the civic, business and academic leaders from Mexico, Canada and the United States, formed a tri-national effort and created three nonprofit organizations to create a viable solution to address the need.

To improve the health and nutrition for the children of the region

A Temporary Solution

The solution began in the form of a pediatric specialty clinic as the first stage of a planned project, “Hospital Infantil de las Californias.” In 1994, a small pediatric specialty clinic was opened in Mesa de Otay, Baja California, Mexico. Soon, patient demand exceeded the small facility’s capacity.

The Need for Expansion

A need for expansion of the clinic quickly arose. During the year 2000, and thanks to the San Diego Padres (and Moores family ownership), government support, various institutions, companies of the region and the community, the construction of the D.A.R.T.E. (Diagnosis Assessment Referral Treatment and Education) began. The building opened on April 28, 2001 and included elements of environmental design made possible through a NAFTA grant from Canada. The environmental components served as a model for border projects in North America.

In 2012, Hospital Infantil expanded its services and reach even further with the opening of the Harland Sanders Ambulatory Surgery Center. At 26,000 square feet, the building houses 3 surgical suites, recovery rooms and support offices.

Meeting the Need Today

Currently, Hospital Infantil offers over 3,500 pediatric consultations per month from 25 specialties and services. In addition to the specialties and other programs offered, Hospital Infantil provides medical, education and research programs that include the international exchange of medical technology ,plus professional growth opportunities for professionals, students, families and the community in general.